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You'll enjoy the comfort from Nice Rice! Hot / Cold Muscle / Arthritis Relief Packs

Alternative Pain Relief - Welcome to Our Website!

- NiceRice! Hot / Cold Pain Relief Packs are made from soft cotton fabric packs stuffed with raw rice.

- Rice packs may be used as a hot or cold pack in cold or heat therapy, and can last longer than gel packs.
  Please read the instructions on our Product Info page.

- Hot pack and cold pack therapy are used in these health care therapies: chiropractic,
  massage, occupational therapy, orthopedics, pain management, physical therapy,
  physiotherapy, rehabilitation, holistic health, and alternative medicine / alternative health treatments.

- Nice Rice! rice packs may bring temporary, yet long-lasting, all natural pain relief for:

   Arthritis Pain              Tendonitis               Sports injuries
   Carpal Tunnel            Torn Rotator Cup     Bursitis Pain
   Fibromyalgia              Back Pain               Muscle Ache
   Lower Back Pain        Muscle Soreness     Sprain / Sprain
   Neck Pain                   Chronic Pain           Hip Pain
   Joint Pain                   Sore Shoulder         Backache
   Knee Pain                   Cramps

To see a more comprehensive list of the types of health conditions our products may
be useful for your pain relief needs, and also to Search the Web for products and
info related to alternative medicine / alternative health therapy, see our Site Map / Search page.

- Using a hot or cold pack for pain relief can help you reduce the amount of prescription or over-the-
pain relief medication you use.

- Now they're easy for you to purchase on the web to use at home, office, or commute.

We Ship USPS Priority Mail to You at No Extra Charge!

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Nice Rice! packs can be used for either hot or cold therapy treatments. Please read the instructions on our Product Info page.

To see a more comprehensive list of the types of health conditions our products may be useful for, see our Search page.

We hope you will enjoy the comfort your Nice Rice! hot / cold therapy pack will bring. Our products are guaranteed during normal use. Please see our Product Info page for our complete guarantee and return policies.

Care of your rice pack is easy; there are guidelines to follow, especially to take care never to expose your hot / cold pack to any form of water. Please see our Product Info page for instructions on caring for your rice pack.

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